Warmachine Figure Painting Prices

30mm Base size:

            Rank & File: $20.00

            Character:   $35.00+

 40mm Base Size:   $60.00

50mm Base Size:   $75.00+

 Prices for the Warmachine figures include assembly, basing, and basic flocking. These figures are difficult to assemble and very detailed, and consume lots of time!


Prices for 28mm RPG Painting:

This category includes figures manufactured by Reaper, Etc. 

Foot:                         $25+         Price depends on detail and size. Figures with trim, etc start at $30
Mounted:                  $30+         
Large Monsterous     $50+        The larger the figure and more detailed it is the more it will cost.

Note: Upgraded basing is included in the price.

Warhammer, 40K, and Warmachine Galleries:

Games Workshop Figure Painting Prices

GW makes finely detailed figures. They are slightly larger than 28mm and require lots of time to paint up nicely. Consequently, we have to charge more:

Foot:                $13+
Mounted:         $20+
Character:       $50-100      Foot start at $50 and mounted start at $80
Monsterous:    $100+         These vary wildly depending on size and detail. A dragon, for instance, will run $200.

 Evil Bob's Miniature Painting

28mm Galleries:

Our 28mm RPG Gallery:

28mm Figure Painting Prices

Foot:      $11.00+

Cavalry:       $16.00+

Basic War Machine:     $15.00

Large Miniature:      $25.00

Huge Miniature:  $50.00+

Banners:    +$4- $9+        
Printed flags run $3. Hand painted run $9+ depending on detail. Where possible  I use banners from The Flag Dude.

Basic shield designs are included. More intricate shield designs, like you see on Dacians, etc run $3 per shield. Shield decals such as LBMS are $0.75 extra each.


     Foot:    $18.00

     Cavalry:    $26.00

     Large Character:  $35.00+

     Huge Character/Monsterous Mounted:    $50.00+

Prices include unit musicians and champions. Minor assembly of up to 3 parts is included.

There is an additional charge for models with more parts:

  All Metal    4-6 parts: $2.50​

 Metal4-6 Parts     7+ Parts     

Large Metal4-6 Parts7+ Parts

All Plastic4-6 Parts7+ Parts

Large All Plastic 4-6 Parts7+ Parts


Vehicles: $25+ for a basic, one color paint job with no assembly; $30+ with camo

            Assembly: $15+
            Weathering: $10+

"Dipped" Method: $7 per figure

​           Figures will be block painted and Army Painter applied. Small details will not be done and figures are unbased.