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You can usually find us at Cold Wars, Fall In, and sometimes Historicon; the three HMGS-East shows. Contact us to check and see if we will be attending.

We will be representing Acheson Creations at Historicon 2017 in Fredricksburg, VA. Drop by and see what we have to offer.


Painting miniatures was a hobby of mine since the late 80's. I started out with figures for D&D and eventually drifted over into wargaming, first with Games Workshop games, and then into historicals. Eventually, I decided to start a business painting miniatures.

We have been in business since 2005. We started out selling some pre-painted figures at the conventions, and steadily grew a customer base in commission painting over the years. 

We now have a very busy schedule, and are proud of the work we do for our customers. The heavy schedule means I only take on a new client occasionally.

A little about ourselves:

 Evil Bob's Miniature Painting