Example of our Upgraded Texture Basing:

Example of our Upgraded Two-Tone Basing:

15mm Napoleonic French:

28mm Persians:

As a miniature painting service, we take orders for custom paint jobs. Contact us by email at bob@evilbobs.biz. Prices here are a guideline; please contact us for an exact quote, as the price may vary with the amount of detail involved in painting the miniature. Prices may change without notice.

Customer is responsible for all shipping charges. Since shipping costs vary depending on the size of the order and weight, this will have to be handled on a case by case basis. We also charge a packing fee of 2% of the value of the painting. Insurance is available upon request. The costs of the insurance and any import dues and fees are the responsibility of the customer.

We ship USPS Priority. We may be able to arrange alternate shipping methods if desired. Please contact us if you do not wish to use USPS. Alternately, if you are attending either Cold Wars, Historicon, or Fall-In, you may pick up the figures at the convention if we are also attending

Turn around times vary depending of the volume of work we currently have, the timing of conventions, and holidays. Though turn around time tends to run about 4 months or so depending on the size of the order; it does vary sometimes.  Contact us if you'd like a better estimation of how long it will take us.

We accept cash, check, Paypal, and major credit cards through Paypal. We require a deposit of 50% up front with the balance due when the project is completed.

Prices do not include the figures.

The customer may either provide the miniatures themselves, or we will purchase them for the customer. If we purchase the miniatures, we will charge the customer the cost of the figures in addition to the painting services.

 Prices include:

Finishing the bases with simple basing scheme of flock, stones, and static grass, basing the miniatures on metal bases, and both clear-coating and dull coating the miniature for protection. 

We charge extra for more complex basing such as a painted and highlighted sand covering, two-tone flock cover (such as brown and green), a simple flock mixture with additional grass clumps added, etc. See below for examples.  This extra cost is:
                         Type                                                                          Cost 25mm/15mm
                         Two tone (ie:brown with green mix)                              $1.25/$0.55
                         Texture (ie: painted sand with grass clumps)                $3.25/$1.75
Prices also include basic assembly for 28mm models. For models with many parts or requiring complex assembly, or 15mm sized models, the price may be slightly higher. Once again, contact me for details in such cases.

We paint to a high standard, probably what some people would call "Collector" level, or on an arbitrary '1-10' scale about a '7'.For 28mm figures most colors are highlighted or shaded. Shields are either hand-painted or decals are used, where appropriate. We will do eyes on request but may charge a small fee to do so.  For 15mm figures this is simplified somewhat.  This is not just plain old wargaming standard painting! The quality you see in our Galleries is the standard we normally paint to.

When your order is done, we will email you with a picture or pictures of the miniatures. If you approve them, they will be mailed to you. If for some reason, once you receive the figures, you are not satisfied with them, contact us within one week to make arrangements to correct the miniatures. If we cannot correct the miniatures, we will replace them, if possible, and refund any money. If we cannot replace the miniatures, we will purchase the miniatures at the price of the castings when originally purchased. We will keep the painted miniatures, however, for resale. 

If full payment is not made within 30 days of completion we shall consider the project abandoned. We may then may sell the figures to recoup our time and expenses. Any deposits paid will be forfeit and we may or may not reimburse the customer for the cost of the figures if they provided them, at our discretion. 

All prices are per figure and not per stand or strip.

Example of our Standard Basing:

20mm Germans:

Standard Basing

 Evil Bob's Miniature Painting